“We used Amy as our Day-of-Coordinator for our January 2012 wedding at Salvage One.  Put simply: Amy is amazing!  The day could not have happened without her.  She is highly professional, but also extremely approachable and just an all-around awesome person.  She went above and beyond the call of duty for our wedding and the end result was an event that many of our guests said was the best wedding that they had ever attended.”
Cathy S.

“Amy was there to take care of a lot of the details. Lighting candles, setting out place cards, table numbers, favors, seat cards, dimming the lighting, cuing the music...she was there to take care of it!  We had planned for an outdoor ceremony then it started pouring and we made the call to have it inside. Sure enough within 20 minutes Amy and her team transformed the indoor ceremony space into a romantic, candlelit, magical space!! In the end I think it worked out even better inside because it gave a more intimate feeling.”
Allie J.

“Hiring Amy as your day of coordinator is a must especially if you are a DIY bride. She assembled all of our arrangements and complicated decorations flawlessly and provided great support throughout the planning process and throughout the day. “
Rachel N.

“Amy Stockbridge, the on site coordinator, was pleasant, eager to please and insanely organized.  She was in constant e-mail contact with me prior to the event and was there to instantly greet me when I arrived the day of the wedding.  Rarely do events run that smooth!  She (or other staff members) were constantly available to the vendors, bridal party and other family members.  Needs were met instantly.  Everything was approached with a team mentality, which truly made for a flawless evening.  I would be honored to have a chance to work at such an amazing venue. “
Emily K.